Redmi Note 11 Display, Motherboard, Battery Price

Are you looking for Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Display, Motherboard, Battery price for replacement then you are in right place?

Whether you have cracked the glass or your LCD is not functioning correctly and you are looking to change the broken display of Redmi Note 11, Xiaomi is offering a brand new Display screen replacement which can be used to change a broken or damaged screen or touch glass. Redmi Note 11 display screen is a whole combo of display and touch screens. It simply means that both parts are joined together and can’t be detached.

Xiaomi Offers 1 year of warranty from the date of purchasing, so if your phone is under warranty you can replace parts for free, otherwise, you have to pay a labor charge.

Redmi Note 11 Display, Motherboard, Battery Price

BatteryBattery799 INR (Estimated)
MainboardMainboard components-India version-4GB+64GB6199 INR (Estimated)
MainboardMainboard components-India version-6GB+64GB7199 INR (Estimated)
MainboardMainboard components-India version-6GB+128GB8199 INR (Estimated)
LCD ModuleFront Cover Display Module-black4599 INR (Estimated)

Note: Spare parts prices provided in the above tables are excluded from GST and service charges. So Service Charges and relevant GST on spares parts as extra charges are applicable.


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