MIUI Theme Editor V10 Download (New English Version)

Hey! Mi Fans and Designers, The time has come for what we all of you have been waiting for. Can you guess what? Yes, you’re right!! The new and updated MIUI Theme Editor is just a click away. Most importantly there’s something for everybody. So new designers need not to worry. Let’s have a look what all this new and updated MIUI Theme Editor has got for us.

Excited? You should be, you get to design more awesome themes. This won’t take much time but just a friendly advice “Don’t Skip any Part” if you want to design themes with ease. Here we start with what you all should have to do to use this new Theme Installer.


  • Windows or Linux Operating System.
  • Java JRE/JDK.
  • ADB Drivers.
  • Self-Designed Icons & other resources.
  • Lastly, a MIUI Device connected to a PC.

What’s New?

Xiaomi believes “Innovation for Everyone” be it devices, eco-system products or the MIUI. Mi Fans may be wondering how would they design themes with such a technical software. They need not worry because now the MIUI Theme editor has an Easy Mode for all the new rising Theme Designers out there.

1Easy mode

I guess new upcoming designers are happy. Hope you design awesome themes and learn quickly in the process. Easy mode has basic features and functionality of the Themes.

Beginners should start with this for initial theme designing and later move to the next level or say the Expert Mode.

2Expert mode

The default mode for the designers, who have used the earlier versions. Expert Mode is also easy to use once learnt, how to use it. However, you can also switch to Easy Mode if required.

Other than these two major changes, you can identify some UI changes too. A way lot better and easy to understand user interface makes it super easy to design themes.

One more feature I must not forget to mention about is add clock, music, battery charge animations and many more to the screen using this tools. That means designers can now add their own designed/developed widgets on the lock screen or home screen of their themes with ease.

Expert Mode 2

Hola! The interface is so easy to understand and use even in Expert Mode. Please note Easy Mode might not have this feature included.

After knowing this much about the editor, you must be curious about the installation procedure. Isn’t It? So here we go:

How to Install MIUI Theme Editor?

  1. Download the package from link. http://bit.ly/2Kg2okI
  2. Extract using either WinRAR or 7zip.
  3. Follow this step as per your operating system
    – Run “MIUINewThemeEditor.exe” on Windows.
    – Linux users need to execute “start-linux.sh“.
  4. The Start-up Screen can be seen when the application is started. First page gives user options whether to create a new project or to open an existing project.Welcome MIUI Theme Editor
  5. Enjoy designing MIUI Theme!
    And do share your best themes with our Mi Fans once approved by the Team. Happy Designing 🙂

For support & queries, join Telegram group: https://t.me/DesignWithMi


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