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How To Unlock Bootloader Of Xiaomi Mi A2/Lite


Hi MIUIers! Welcome again in All About Xiaomi in this new year. Today I just want to share how to unlock Bootloader Of Xiaomi Mi A2/Lite. While there are some complicated tools to unlock your Android One bootloader, actually there’s a simple things to do so. Please bear in mind that Android One device is kind of different to any Xiaomi device that comes with MIUI that needs to be unlocked with MiFlash Unlock Tool.

Please note that unlocking your bootloader is similar as doing a factory reset, so back up your data first before proceed this method.

What you need is just an ADB tools [might be better to install MiFlash Tool for drivers that you need to be installed on your PC] and a courage to do so. Just download the ADB tools here and extract somewhere on your PC. Then follow the below method:

How To Unlock Bootloader Of Xiaomi Mi A2/Lite

  1. Launch Command Prompt from your ADB folder
    Just type cmd [then press enter] on address bar on Windows Explorer [especially for Windows 10 users].
  2. Enable Developer Options on your phone
    Go to Settings > System > About Phone then tap Build Number 7 times to open Developer Optionsunder System
  3. Under Developer Options, scroll a bit and enable USB Debugging
  4. Connect your phone to PC [best choice is to use USB 2.0 port]
  5. Reboot your phone to Fastboot mode by type:
    adb reboot bootloader

    adb reboot bootloader
    You might want to check your phone since it might ask you to grant permission for your PC [first time user only]

  6. If the phone booted normally to Fastboot mode, go back to Command Prompt and type:
    fastboot flashing unlock

    fastboot flashing unlock

  7. You will get a warning that you are going to unlock your phone’s bootloader.
    Select the option to unlock with your volume button and press power button. The process will start and your phone will reboot several times and erase all the data on there.
  8. After your device rebooted, reboot again to Fastboot mode, get back to Command Prompt and type
    fastboot flashing unlock_critical

    fastboot flashing unlock_critical

  9. You will get similar warning and just follow the procedure then your device will be rebooted again.
  10. Voila! Your bootloader is unlocked now!



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